Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My "How I Met Your Father" Story

Happy New Year!! Sorry for the delay in posts, it’s been a busy holiday season and new year, but I’m fully committed to regular posting from here on out. Exciting news, we’re under 11 months until the big day. Lots has been happening and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but first, as promised, Oren’s future “How I Met Your Mother” story.

Actually, it’s more like my “How I Met Your Father” story, because I can only tell it from my perspective, not his.

Anywho...Kids, on May 15, 2009, my life changed forever when I met your father.* I started the evening hanging with my friend Kaitlyn. We waited for her new mattress delivery and split some vino. After some dinner, I was planning on heading home to prepare for my sister’s arrival for her summer internship.

I also didn’t want to go out because I had a few bags with me, including rain boots from earlier in the day. Plans changed, though, that Kaitlyn can be quite convincing, and she finagled one drink out of me. We trekked up a few blocks to Mad River Grille on NYC’s Upper East Side. While waiting for some drinks, some guy made a comment about my rain boots, so Kait and I started talking with their group (thanks Goody!). I naturally gravitated to the tallest one (check!) and when he told me his name was Oren, I was all set.

We had an instant connection and talked through the whole night. My “only one drink” turned into a few, moving from bar to bar and spending the night getting to know one another. So, turns out, you can meet the love of your life at a bar.

The rest, as they say, is history...and the future.

Until next time (Venue)!

Here’s to love...and latkes,

*I’m borrowing concept for one of our favorite shows “How I Met Your Mother.” If you haven’t seen it, start watching immediately.


  1. i love it!!! congrats on your engagement!!!

  2. Thanks Peri!! How are you? I saw you got married, so exciting!! If you have any awesome vendor recs in South FL, send them on over :)

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