Monday, August 20, 2012

The Venue of My Dreams

So, now that you’ve gotten some insight into Oren and I as a couple, let’s talk wedding! I want to tell you all about our amazing venue. When we first set out on the venue hunt, we knew we wanted something different and special. Not your typical ballroom - that wasn’t for us! We were hoping to find a place that was naturally beautiful, had ambiance and we wouldn’t have to do much to make it pretty.

I thought this might be difficult, since much of South Florida is newly developed and barefoot-on-the-beach-style. The vibe we were looking for was decidedly old-world-flair (I’m not sure this is a real thing, but it is now!).

I enlisted the help of The Knot Florida editor Amy to help me narrow down the overwhelming number of venues on my list. Even with her help, we still visited more than 10 venues. It was definitely a lot to see, but since we were only in town for a short number of days, we had to pack in and see as much as possible (this is now a recurring theme on our planning trips). You can ask my parents and sister, I’ve now learned to remember to schedule in eating breaks and feed my family!

When we saw The Cocoplum, we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for. In fact, we cancelled a few of the remaining appointments that we had, it was just that perfect. Coral Gables, a gem, has some beautiful old-world Spanish spots and The Cocoplum is definitely one of them. Many people gravitate toward the popular (and gorgeous) The Biltmore, but for us, the charisma, ambiance and history of The Cocoplum sold us.

The fabulous courtyard where the ceremony and cocktail hour will take place.
I love the story of the space too. It was originally The Cocoplum Women’s Club and this year it celebrated its centennial. Built in 1912, it speaks to the history of Miami...the reception location is was once a schoolhouse! My wedding-snob self was overjoyed at this historic and beautiful find!

The beyond gorgeous reception ballroom where young children once attended school and our family and friends will party the night away!
Oren and I cannot wait to get married here (and I can’t wait to share the photos!)

Until next time!

Here’s to love...and latkes,

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  1. The best wedding venues are always those that expose you more to nature. There’s always something increasingly romantic about tying the knot in the midst of the beauty of nature. Plus, a barefoot-on-the-beach theme eliminates the need for shoes. That’s one worry less for you and everyone else! ;)

    Kelli ^.^