Friday, July 13, 2012

What to Wear on Dates

I love going to dinner with my girlfriends. Especially when we inadvertently end up getting buzzed on happy hour wine. The conversation doesn’t stop and is a goldmine for blog-writing topics. Last night, the topic du jour was dating, specifically what to wear to each of the first three dates and how boys are sometimes dumb when it comes to dating (shocking).

I’m going to focus on the the what to wear category, since Oren is not dumb when it comes to dating or he just has an uncanny ability to read my mind, either way I love him for that.

So, onto my friend Rita’s excellent theory and breakdown of what you should wear on the first three dates. It’s an interesting psychological evaluation of how men might interpret clothing.
  • Date #1: Wear something reserved but sexy. This is so he knows you’re fun but also not to be messed with.
  • Date #2: Wear something conservative. This is to make him aware that you’re a nice girl he can bring home to his mom.
  • Date #3: Wear something that makes you feel beautiful. This is to remind him that you’re someone he can be romantically attracted to, not just a friend.

This got me thinking of what I wore on my first three dates with Oren and interestingly enough, without even knowing about Rita’s theory, I followed it!
  • On our first date, I wore a simple blue tank top, not low cut and billowy. The kicker? It was backless!
  • On our second date, we met after work, so while I don’t specifically remember what dress I was wearing, I’m sure it was work-friendly and no doubt, conservative. (Hi, Shirley!)**
  • On our third date, I wore a short-ish blue dress that Oren still remembers fondly and he even recently told me that I never wear it anymore - so I wore it to dinner for our third anniversary!
Survey says? Rita’s theory works, apparently. So figured I’d share with the masses (or the 7 people that read this).

Until next time!

Here’s to love...and latkes,

**Shirley is Oren’s mom. My work dress clearly made it obvious to him I was fit to meet her.


  1. Way to turn our "Sex and the City"-like convo into a PG version :)

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